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Otoflush Ear Cleaner for Dogs

Otoflush Ear Cleaner for Dogs
Brand: Dermcare

Dermcare Otoflush Ear Cleaner is a revolutionary ear flush for dogs that's designed to help treat infections of the outer and middle ear. It can also be used as a maintenance agent once a week, to help keep bacteria and yeast under control in the ear, and flush out any debris.

It is a neutral buffered solution, so it doesn't sting your dog's ears. It is also safe to use when your dog has a ruptured ear drum, which can occur with chronic infections.

Use in conjunction with an antibiotic or prolonged treatment should be supervised by a veterinarian.

Dermcare Otoflush

Dermcare Otoflush
Otoflush Ear Cleaner for Dogs 125ml - $25.55 Quantity:

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